A finalist for the 1988 Pulitzer Prize in Drama, Talk Radio is based in part on the assassination of radio host Alan Berg, as well as the book, "Talked to Death: The Life and Murder of Alan Berg by Stephen Singular." Its central character, Barry Champlain, is a controversial on-air radio “shock jock” doing what he does best: treating his late-night callers with contempt. But when his Cleveland-based program is considered for national syndication and his producer cautions him about offending sponsors, Barry defiantly responds and excoriates his audience...but they just keep calling.

Directed by John Patterson

Photography by Gary Griffin

Cast and Crew of Talk Radio

Barry - Kevin Daugherty
Stu - Shawn Havernack
Linda - Adina Owen
Dan - Bill Giffen
Bernie - Curtis Barber
Spike- Robert Jamerson
Kent - George Knapp
Dr. Fleming - Melody Gray
Syd - Sean K. Thompson


Robert Jamerson, Curtis Barber, Melody Gray, Seth Cunningham, Anjana Menon, Donna Bella Litton


Scenic Design - John Patterson
Lighting Design - Mark Lewis
Costume Design - Malinda L. Beckham
Sound Design - Trevor B. Cone
Production Manager - John Baker
Production Stage Manager - Barbara Alicea-Aponte
Assistant Stage Manager - Blake Smith
Stage Crew - Ananka Kohnitz and Rhett Schall
Light & Sound Operator - Carly Gregg
Program Design - Melissa J. Mayo
Photography - Gary Griffin
Lobby Art - Joseph Culotta

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