2018–2019: Season 3


Season 3 presented stories that shone a light on the bitter, the quirky and the ugly sides of society. The season opened with the hard-edged Talk Radio by Eric Bogosian. Followed by the tart and witty all-female play, Boston Marriage by David Mamet. Season 3 closed with the fiery drama A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard. All productions were performed at MATCH in Midtown Houston. 

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Aug 24–Sept 8, 2018

It’s 1987 and Barry Champlain, a controversial on-air radio “shock jock” is doing what he does best: treating his late-night callers with contempt. But when his Cleveland-based program is considered for national syndication and his producer cautions him about offending sponsors, Barry defiantly responds and excoriates his audience...but they just keep calling.


Feb 8–23, 2019

Women of fashion meet Wildean wit in this comedy by David Mamet. And while audiences are familiar with Mamet’s formula of quick-witted verbal gymnastics from testosterone-laden men, Boston Marriage delivers a wickedly funny AF—that is, All Female—production featuring three women of the early 20th Century. 




May 24–June 8, 2019

A Lie of the Mind explores the destinies of two desperate families, linked by marriage but set apart by jealousies and distrust after a severe incident of spousal abuse leaves all their lives altered. Tensions and enmities that motivate the two families grow increasingly disturbing and dangerous over the course of this three-act play filled with themes of memories, violence and family.

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