Written by David Mamet

Directed by Linda Phenix

Women of fashion meet Wildean wit in this wickedly funny comedy, set in the early 20th Century. Anna has received an enormous emerald from her married lover, as well as a stipend with which she intends to woo her longtime companion, Claire. But Claire is infatuated with a respectable young lady and wants to enlist the jealous Anna's help for a rendezvous. When Claire's young inamorata appears, it sets off a crisis that puts both the valuable emerald and the women's futures at risk.

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Photography by Gary Griffin


Superb Acting on a Decadent Set in Dirt Dogs' Boston Marriage

"The rapport built between these actors – between Beckham and Mayo, and between Morris and the two – is truly the star of the show. Coming in second, though, is Beckham’s set."

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“To watch them turn language from a shield to a mace in the blink of an eye is to know the power and beauty beneath our constant fumbling for words.”

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Read Laugh Riot Grrrls in Outsmart Magazine

by Don Maines

"Anna and Claire, as 'more flamboyant,' artsy types, delight in gaming the patriarchy by pooling their resources (and their cunning resourcefulness) to live independently of a male protector."

From the Artistic Director

Malinda L. Beckham

When preparing our season, I read many plays and try to suss out the ones that challenge our organization and our artists. I look for material that is aligned with the DDTCo. mission and larger purpose: to entertain audiences, inspire artists, and honor playwrights. David Mamet’s Boston Marriage fits that bill. The play rallies on women, giving us the opportunity to taste and savor the words usually reserved for Mamet men. We are given a look at the more obtuse side of gender where women are written with characteristics usually reserved for their male counterparts. The play explores attitudes that transcend directly to today where expectations continue to meet resistance.

These three women relate to the world in which they have refused to become isolated in a time that required it to be so. They resist the boundaries of society and the restrictions of expectation. They exploit opportunities and capitalize on the weakness of others. Just like Mamet’s men. They are tender and rotten, strong and empty, longing and satisfied. They are conflicts in their own reality, standing firm in their own truth. They are who they are, and they want you to know it.

I have heard it said that Mamet wrote these women like men. I think he wrote them like women. If we look long enough, listen closely enough, and feel openly enough, we realize that women and men are equal in their depravity and joy. Our differences make us who we are as individuals, not genders. 

Enjoy this very colorful, stripped down look at love and acceptance.


The Cast

Malinda L. Beckham
as Anna

Jenna Morris
as Catherine

Melissa J. Mayo
as Claire

Audience Feedback


"We thoroughly enjoyed this production and the talk-back session following the show. The dialogue was filled with wit and double entendre and supported the development of two believable female protagonists. Thank you, Dirt Dogs, for bringing it to Houston." 


"...feels like a really fun alternative episode of Absolutely Fabulous."

"...delightful, witty, and so fun to watch."

"These guys pull out all the stops and nail it. Seriously, go see it. If you hate it, you have no taste and should stop seeing theater altogether."

"A compelling and endearing story told by an extraordinary cast. Don't miss it."


Creative Team

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Director — Linda Phenix

Assistant Director — Lydia Meadows
Scenic & Costume Design — Malinda L. Beckham
Lighting Design — Kris Phelps
Sound Design — Elizabeth Nguyen
Scenic Associate — Ananka Kohnitz
Seamstress — Jeanette Ellis 
Production Manager — Mark Lewis
Associate Production Manager — John Baker 
Production Stage Manager — Barbara Alicea-Aponte
Technical Director — Santiago Sepeda
Lighting & Sound Operator — Elizabeth Nguyen
Program Design — Melissa J. Mayo
Photography — Gary Griffin

Boston Marriage Program

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