SEASON 3 | 2018–2019

Alan Brinks as Jake in A Lie of the Mind. PHOTO BY GARY GRIFFIN

WRITTEN BY Sam Shepard
DIRECTED BY Malinda L. Beckham                & Trevor B. Cone

MAY 24 ‒ JUNE 8, 2019

MATCH | Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston


RUNTIME: 2 hrs 45 min (including two 10-minute intermissions)

A Lie of the Mind explores the destinies of two desperate families, linked by marriage but set apart by jealousies and distrust after a severe incident of spousal abuse leaves all their lives altered. Tensions and enmities that motivate the two families grow increasingly disturbing and dangerous over the course of this three act play. Filled with themes of memories, violence and family, this winner of the New York Drama Critics Circle Award, the Outer Critics Circle Award and the Drama Desk Award is described by the The New York Times as a “blurred collective sense of self that anyone who has been part of a family is going to identify with."

The Story

The Reason


As our third season comes to a close, I am reminded of the many moments of beauty, pain, excitement, and laughter that it has brought us. Our season 3 opener, Talk Radio, held up a mirror to our current society, revealing the lunacy, pettiness, and hypocrisy prevalent in our hyper media-driven world. Bringing the callers of Barry’s radio show into the open revealed them not as fodder for his late-night audience, but real people, with real struggles, yearning for a human connection.

Valentine’s Day brought us the wicked AF (All Female) Boston Marriage, not your average David Mamet comedy. Set against a backdrop of early 20th Century America, Anna and Claire raged against societal norms as they struggled to carve out their own piece of happiness. Jealousy, lust,

and true love were presented in luxurious pink splendor, reminding us that some issues are simply timeless and that in the desire to connect ourselves to someone else, we sometimes lose sight of our own offerings.

A Lie of the Mind is a fitting close to this season, tying together themes from our earlier selections. The marriage of Jake and Beth is doomed by tragic passion and broken by an act of domestic violence. As their families try to heal themselves and each other, they all try to connect to something or someone. Some succeed, while others struggle in their solitude, longing to be heard in their silence.

With the close of Season 3 comes the announcement of Season 4! Making up our 2019–2020 season, we are offering three plays by three American playwrights, including two regional premieres. Issues of race, addiction, power, and love will be brought to the surface in these contemporary stories.

Thank you for joining us, and for your support of Dirt Dogs Theatre Co.


“Dirt Dogs has made this entire experience physically impressive.”

Photos by Gary Griffin

The Reviews


We’ve become so used to the short pithy show that gets us in and out in 90 minutes, that we’ve forgotten how it feels to truly hand over your time to a behemoth of a play.

This Dirt Dogs production is ambitious in scope, skillful in execution, and a marvel of theatricality.

The Promotion


The Reaction

This is a very professional production in every way imaginable. The acting and the staging were superb.

Wonderful emotional performances and fabulous production values.

I was totally reeled in to every beautifully staged moment... GO!!!

The A Lie of the Mind Team


Alan Brincks


Michael Morrison


Annie Wild



Jenna Morris

Assistant to the Directors

Katherine Rinaldi

Costume Design

Mark Lewis

Scenic Design

Trevor Cone


Sydney Dunlap

Scenic Artist


John Baker

Production Manager

Blake Smith

Assistant Stage Manager

Norman Dillon


Ellen Dyer


Sally Burtenshaw


Jeanette Sebesta


Casey Coale


Barbara Alicea-Aponte

Production Stage Manager

Carly Gregg

Light Board Operator

Malinda L. Beckham

Director, Set Dressing/Properties

Gary Griffin


Andrew Vance

Lighting Design

Elizabeth Nguyen

Sound Design

Alex Castillo


Nolan LeGault

Scenic Construction  

Erin Newsom



Santiago Sepeda