Travis Ammons as Christian Robb and Mykle McCoslin as Samantha Douglas in The Boundary. PHOTO BY GARY GRIFFIN

WRITTEN BY Doug Williams & Donna McKenzie
DIRECTED BY Malinda L. Beckham

MARCH 25 ‒ APRIL 2, 2016

MATCH | Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston


RUNTIME: 2.75 hrs (including one, 15-minute intermission)

The lives of a successful romance novelist and her sturdy husband are radically altered overnight by the sudden appearance of her former lover. But he’s now a dangerous fugitive wanted by the FBI for crimes against corporate America, and he needs her help for what may be his boldest, most desperate—and likely final—act. It forces her to face all of her choices and to examine the shifting lines between love and marriage, trust and betrayal, and life and death.

The Story

The Reason


When the discussion of forming our own theatre company first began, we knew that we wanted to embrace local artists and explore the opportunity to produce original work. Houston is rich with artistic voices that are never heard for no other reason than lack of opportunity. Dirt Dogs Theatre Co. was established last summer, and, almost immediately, we came face to face with an opportunity to partner with two Houston-based playwrights, Doug Williams and Donna McKenzie. Instantly we knew it was a perfect match.  They had a script, and we had a company to help give it a voice, and take it from page to stage.

Doug and Donna gave birth to the characters and story you are going to witness tonight.  They have entrusted us to put those elements in motion. It is a rare experience to work directly with the playwrights; to ask questions and understand their motivation.  The playwrights gave us their views along with the freedom of artistic interpretation.

Tonight we tell a story.  A story of head and of heart.  A story of practicality and unpredictability. A story of love and of friendship. A story of passion and comfort. A story of life.  This is our “chapter one”.

“The Boundary is a lot of things and predictable is not one of them.”


Photos by Gary Griffin

The Reviews


Hooray, a new play!

The Promotion


The Reaction

Marriages can have so many problems, and this play is hitting on every one of them.

I didn’t want the house lights to come up, because I needed to know what happens next.

Great story...will definitely start a conversation esp in the arena of happiness.

The Boundary Team



Malinda L. Beckham

Director, Scenic & Costume Design

John Baker

Lighting Design

Trevor B. Cone

Sound Design, Production Manager & Set Construction

Gary Griffin



Barbara Alicea-Aponte

Production Stage Manager

Ramdane Hamadi

Sound & Light Board Operator

Kristen O'Connor

Assistant Stage Manager

Kevin Daugherty

Set Construction

Travis Ammons

Christian Robb

Howard Block

Frank Chase

John Dunn

Bartender/Game Show Host

Heidi Hite

Second Woman Reader

Andraes Hunt

Bar Patron

John Kaiser

Archer Sebastian

Melissa J. Marek


Mykle McCoslin

Samantha Douglas

Jim Salners

Max Ratchett

Giovanni Sandoval

Agent Black

Marilyn Swick

First Woman Reader

LaTeace Towns-Cuellar

Agent White